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Igor Dimitrijević, commonly known as IgorSkyFlyer is a Serbian software engineer, a graduate BSc in Software engineering (with Honors, 4 years) specializing in full-stack Web, desktop and mobile development with a strong passion for everything tech related. Creator of Aria - an Adblock templates compiler, ADBT - Adblock template language and file format and AdVoid - a set of multiple efficient Adblock filter lists, Open in Browser - a popular (250K+ of downloads) Visual Studio Code extension and many other endearing projects.
Having an extensive experience in building projects from the ground up, with dedication and commitment in every step of the way. Always trying to help the dev-community by building useful libraries, modules, packages, extensions, add-ons and only recently, Visual Studio Code themes.

✍🏼 Tech book author.
👨🏻‍💻 Huge DX (developer experience) advocate.
🎯 Always looking for challenges.

💼 Work

Currently working as a:

🤗 See my GitHub Unwrapped for 2023 🎄

📢 Announcement >
Created a custom templating language ADBT, for writing Adblock templates (.adbt), its complementary files ADBM (.adbm), its parser, compiler (Aria), and a Visual Studio Code extension (ADBT), more information available in the official file specification 🍭

Released my first VS Code theme, Kai, available at the VS Code Marketplace 🌊

Updated my first Astro component ✨🎉
Astro Collections are now supported, available at <PostExcerpt /> and featured on Astro's official Integrations library 😍

Updated my AdBlock filters, so it's very lightweight on your hardware's resources, available at AdVoid repository and is supported by the AdGuard team 🌷

🗓️ 14 June 2024



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🌊 Or Ctrl / ⌘ key + click on the technology links 👇 to see repositories built with it – where applicable 🏄‍

🌎 Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Sass, SQLite, Bootstrap, MySQL, Wordpress + Woocommerce, Astro, PWA
🖥️ Desktop: C#, C, Pascal, Delphi
📱 Mobile: Xamarin, Kotlin, Dart + Flutter, Java/Android, MortScript (Windows Mobile 6.5)
🕊️ Cross-platform: Electron, Dart, Java, Python, Go/Golang
🦄 UI/UX: Affinity Designer, Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, paint.net, Microsoft Blend
🕹 Game: Godot, Unity
🦂 Scripting: PowerShell, Bash, Batch
🛠️ Tooling: esbuild, Vitest, tsx, webpack, Gulp, Rollup, TypeScript Compiler, Babel, Vite, npm, npx, AVA, Mocha, Jest, EditorConfig, ESLint, Biome, Prettier, Composer
🦖 Extensibility: Visual Studio Code extensions/VSIX, UserScript, Chrome extensions
🌈 Customizability: Visual Studio Code themes
🪀 Tools: DBeaver, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Notepad++, Poedit, RunJS, WinMerge, XAMPP, FileZilla, Postman
Productivity: Notion, Slack, Trello
🌿 Environments: Windows, WSL (Ubuntu), Linux (Ubuntu, Mint & Manjaro)
🥊 IDE: Visual Studio Code 💘, Visual Studio, Android Studio
❄️ Platforms: Cyclic, Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare, GitHub Pages, Replit

🤗 Don’t go yet because I:

🌹 can help you block pesky ads & trackers using an AdBlock filter I am maintaining AdVoid 👈🏼 ,
🌴 recently published the FolderPicker VS Code UI,
🎆 recently released Zing and Keppo(),
🐛 recently created the my-pens repository,
👀 recently updated Zep(), is-rootdir, path-exists, str-is-in, uArray, unc-path, uPath,
🎀 like crafting NPM packages:

🧃 like building Visual Studio Code extensions:

🦦 like producing Go/Golang modules:

🎠 like making Packagist packages,
🐣 am excited about these upcoming technologies: PyScript, FormKit, Carbon, SWC, Web3,
💫 am currently working on building my portfolio website,
🌱 am currently learning Rust,
🙌 am constantly creating open-source projects that help the dev-community,
📜 own more than 30 programming certificates,
👯 am looking to collaborate on exciting and challenging projects,
🤝 am looking for help with my FOSS projects,
🤼 like exchanging opinions with my people at VS Code,
🧪 do front-end experiments on my CodePen, like:

🔳  3D Cube,
💠  Diamond Menu,
🛣️  CSS Road,
💻  CSS Laptop,
🍦  CSS Ice-Cream,
📱  CSS Mobile Phone,
🎷  Audio Player , and
♾️  still to come.

🏀 dribble on Dribbble,
📝 post snippets on my Gist,

🦘 love adding new applications to the WinGet-Pkgs repository:

🔃 can teach you about recursion, read about recursion to learn more,
👟 love taking long walks & runs:

🌱 adore being in touch with nature,
⚙️ cherish automatizing things, I have tons of dev-utils written in PowerShell, Node and Python,
🎬 love watching movies, series & anime, see my watchlist (on Notion),
🎮 play MLBB in my spare time - join me, main Nana 🐱, Balmond 👹, Roger 🐺, Silvanna ⚔️, Cyclops 🧙‍♂️ and Bane 🐙 here and Arena of Valor - join me, main Azzen'Ka 🏜️, Yorn 🔫, Annette 🕯️ and Arthur 🛡️,
🐬 am a firm believer in autodidacticism,
🎶 am a huge audiophile, I even post Eurovision videos on my YouTube channel,
🎭 am known as: Igor Dimitrijević, igorskyflyer, igordvlpr, Игор Димитријевић, igor.dvlpr,
🤭 fun fact — call me if you need to "clean up" your buffet 🍖🥩🍟🍕🌮🌯🍔🍩🥧


Astro Post excerpt component


Posts on my blog igorskyflyer.me:


  1. 🗣 Commented on #3028 in igorskyflyer/ad-void
  2. 🔒 Closed issue #3028 in igorskyflyer/ad-void
  3. ❗ Opened issue #3028 in igorskyflyer/ad-void
  4. 🔒 Closed issue #3026 in igorskyflyer/ad-void
  5. ❗ Opened issue #3026 in igorskyflyer/ad-void


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Reach me via email or LinkedIn for business inquiries, exciting projects, etc. or if you prefer stalking, you can 👉🏼 stalk me here 😂 🦜


If you in any case want to support my open-source work which takes my dedication and time, you can do so using my Ko-Fi page.

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Any type of support is very much appreciated. 🙂

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