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Igor Dimitrijević (Serbian Cyrillic: Игор Димитријевић) born August 27, 1993, commonly known as IgorSkyFlyer is a Serbian software engineer, a graduate BSc in Software engineering (with Honors, 4 years) specializing in full-stack Web, desktop and mobile development with a strong passion for everything tech related. Creator of Aria An external link- an Adblock templates compiler, ADBT An external link- Adblock template language and file format and AdVoid An external link- a set of multiple efficient Adblock filter lists, Open in Browser An external link- a popular (260K+ of downloads) Visual Studio Code extension and many other endearing projects.

Having an extensive experience in building projects from the ground up, with dedication and commitment in every step of the way. Always trying to help the dev-community by building useful libraries, modules, packages, extensions, add-ons and only recently, Visual Studio Code themes.

✍🏼 Tech book author in the making.
👨🏻‍💻 Huge DX (developer experience) advocate.
🎯 Always looking for challenges.

💼 Work

Currently working as a:

👶🏼 Early life

Igor was born on August 27, 1993, in Kraljevo, Serbia. From a very young age he was a curious boy who loved discovering new things and with a gift for logic and linguistics. Notably, without going through the usual process of sounding out words letter by letter, he began reading fluently in Serbian (his native language) at the age of 5 and a half. He was always keen on technology and everything tech-related, fascinated by how things work, analyzing and reverse engineering them, even from a very young age. His interest and fascination by technology started with cellphones and gaming consoles. At the same time, through various video games and later TV shows (mostly crime shows), he was learning English, his first foreign language that was later being continuously improved through formal education. Having no family background of anything remotely related to IT nor the English language, he was left to his own devices which further sparked his curiosity.

Fast forward a few years, at the age of 15, he started learning how to code, first in HTML, CSS and finally JavaScript on a 1.5 inches screen (Sony Ericsson J300i) because he didn't have a computer, spending 8h+/day reading and trying out new things. Once he has learnt the basics he built a few websites on Peperonity which were some the most popular sites at the time. After that he proceeded with learning JavaScript in depth and made a new website on XTgem with which he applied to a contest for the best website (multiple categories) that the XTgem team organized and his site (skywap.xtgem.com) won an award.

Igor was the exemplary student of his generation in IT (in high school, 4 years) and was commended multiple times by his professors at the time. After HTML and CSS he continued learning; next was PHP which he started learning in conjunction with WordPress. In the meantime, in high school he was learning about Pascal (console apps) and later Delphi (a variant of Object Pascal, GUI apps) where he once again excelled even without having a computer and practising at home like the rest of his classmates.

After finishing high school he created his next website named NeoVisio that was based on WordPress and it was the first website that brought him some money. When he saved enough of it he bought his first laptop at the age of 18 and started attending the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, Serbia.

Software engineering was his main field of study while attending it; while there he was taught various things, from UML to C and C#, to ethics, mathematics, marketing and psychology, etc. He did both solo and team projects in his college days. While studying there, he got captivated by C# and started learning it not only in college but also through self-study at home because he is a firm believer and devotee of autodidacticism.

During his studies, he gave programming classes to other, fellow students and high-school students as well and started doing freelance development which further expanded his tech stack and expertise. In his college days he was always seeking for intellectual challenges, one them being given by one of his professors, to create a mathematical software which solves equations using the linear programming method. The mentioned professor said that nobody was able to solve it the past 5 years since he came up with it, for which Igor got a 10 (A) and was praised by the professor.

Noticing the necessity of creating and contributing to open-source world, he created many FOSS libraries and utilities used by many developers/companies and started contributing to a vast number of open-source projects.

📢 Announcement

Created a custom templating language ADBT, for writing Adblock templates (.adbt), its complementary files ADBM (.adbm), its parser, compiler (Aria), and a Visual Studio Code extension (ADBT), more information available in the official file specification 🍭

Created a performant and light (< 1KB) JavaScript polyfill for the scrollend Event in browser, check it out at scrollend polyfill

Released my first VS Code theme, Kai, available at the VS Code Marketplace An external link🌊

Updated my first Astro component ✨🎉
Astro Collections are now supported, available at <PostExcerpt /> and featured on Astro’s official Integrations library An external link😍

Updated my AdBlock filters, so it’s very lightweight on your hardware’s resources, available at AdVoid repository and is supported by the AdGuard team 🌷

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🗓️ 09 July 2024



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🌎 Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, TypeScript, Node, Express.js, Sass, SQLite, Bootstrap, MySQL, Wordpress + WooCommerce, Astro, PWA
🖥️ Desktop: C#, C, Pascal, Delphi
📱 Mobile: Xamarin, Kotlin, Dart + Flutter, Java/Android
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🦖 Extensibility: Visual Studio Code extensions/VSIX, UserScript, Chrome extensions
🌈 Customizability: Visual Studio Code themes
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Productivity: Notion An external link, Slack An external link, Trello An external link
🌿 Environments: Windows An external link, WSL An external link(Ubuntu), Linux An external link(Ubuntu, Mint & Manjaro)
🥊 IDE: Visual Studio Code 💘 An external link, Visual Studio An external link, Android Studio An external link
❄️ Platforms: Cyclic An external link, Vercel An external link, Netlify An external link, Cloudflare An external link, GitHub Pages An external link, Replit An external link

🤗 Don’t go yet because I:

🌹 can help you block pesky ads & trackers using an AdBlock filter I am maintaining AdVoid 👈🏼
🌴 recently published the FolderPicker VS Code UI
🎆 recently released Zing and Keppo()
🐛 recently created the my-pens repository
👀 recently updated Zep(), is-rootdir, path-exists, str-is-in, uArray, unc-path An external link, uPath An external link,
🎀 like crafting npm packages An external link:

🧃 like building Visual Studio Code extensions An external link:

🦦 like producing Go/Golang modules An external link:

🎠 like making Packagist An external linkpackages
🐣 am excited about these upcoming technologies: PyScript An external link, FormKit An external link, Carbon An external link, SWC An external link, Web3 An external link
💫 am currently working on building my portfolio website
🌱 am currently learning Rust An external link, React An external link
🙌 am constantly creating open-source projects that help the dev-community
📜 own more than 30 programming certificates
👯 am looking to collaborate on exciting and challenging projects
🤝 am looking for help with my FOSS projects
🤼 like exchanging opinions with my people at VS Code An external link
🧪 do front-end experiments on my CodePen An external linklike:

🔳  3D Cube An external link
💠  Diamond Menu An external link
🛣️  CSS Road An external link
💻  CSS Laptop An external link
🍦  CSS Ice-Cream An external link
📱  CSS Mobile Phone An external link
🎷  Audio Player An external linkand
♾️  still to come.

🏀 dribble on Dribbble An external link
📝 post snippets on my Gist

🦘 love adding new applications to the WinGet-Pkgs An external linkrepository:

🔃 can teach you about recursion, read about recursion to learn more
👟 love taking long walks & runs:

🌱 adore being in touch with nature
🦧 adhere to the metaphysical naturalism
⚙️ cherish automatizing things, I have tons of dev-utils written in PowerShell, Node and Python
🎬 love watching movies, series & anime, see my watchlist An external link(on Notion)
🎮 play games in my spare time:

🐬 am a firm believer in autodidacticism
🎶 am a huge audiophile, I even post EuroVision videos on my YouTube channel An external link
🎭 am known as: Igor Dimitrijević, igorskyflyer, igordvlpr, Игор Димитријевић, igor.dvlpr,
🤭 fun fact — call me if you need to "clean up" your buffet 🍖🥩🍟🍕🌮🌯🍔🍩🥧


Astro Post excerpt component


Posts on my blog igorskyflyer.me An external link:


  1. 🚀 Published release v1.1.1 in igorskyflyer/npm-scrollend-polyfill
  2. 💪 Opened PR #15 in SoyCarlos/SoyCarlos.github.io
  3. 🔒 Closed issue #42 in igorskyflyer/npm-astro-post-excerpt
  4. ❗ Opened issue #42 in igorskyflyer/npm-astro-post-excerpt
  5. 🗣 Commented on #11 in SoyCarlos/SoyCarlos.github.io


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